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Lab 2: Interactive Greeter



To work on a program using input, output, and variables.



For this lab, you will write a program that asks the user a few questions, saves the answers in variables, and then gives them output.

You should ask them the following:

Then give them a greeting based on their answers.

Next ask them another question: what they like to do. Then give them another line of output using that answer too.

Below is an example run of this program:

What is your name? Ian
Where are you from? Florida
Hello Ian from Florida.
What's something you like to do? play guitar
Have fun next time you play guitar!



After you write your program, be sure to test it. Remember that the program should work for any name/location/hobby as input, so be sure to test it with different answers to make sure it still works!



When you are satisfied that your program is working, email the .py file to ifinlay@umw.edu. Please attach it as a file instead of copying it into the body of the message!

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