Programming Contests



Each spring semester, we hold a programming contest which all students and faculty are invited to participate in. The goal of the contest is to solve a set of programming problems as fast as possible.

There are between 7 and 10 problems ranging from very easy problems beginning students should be able to solve, to very difficult ones that will challenge top seniors and faculty.

You can compete in teams of 1 to 3, and use any programming language you like. Currently supported languages include C, C++, Java, Python, and Julia. If you would like another language supported, let me know in advance of the contest.

Programming contests are great for sharpening your algorithmic thinking, getting experience working with others on tough problems, and serve as a great practice for technical job interviews!




Past Contests

YearThemeProblem PacketMy Solutions (in C)Test Cases
2022Pokémon 2022 Problems 2022 Solutions 2022 Tests
2019Nintendo 2019 Problems 2019 Solutions 2019 Tests
2018Classic Disney 2018 Problems 2018 Solutions 2018 Tests
2017Harry Potter 2017 Problems 2017 Solutions 2017 Tests
2016Star Wars 2016 Problems 2016 Solutions 2016 Tests
2015Lord of the Rings 2015 Problems 2015 Solutions 2015 Tests
2014Zelda 2014 Problems 2014 Solutions 2014 Tests
2013Pokémon 2013 Problems 2013 Solutions 2013 Tests
2012Game of Thrones 2012 Problems 2012 Solutions 2012 Tests

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