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Due: March 11



The Goldbach conjecture states that every even number greater than two is the sum of two prime numbers. For example:

6 = 3 + 3
12 = 5 + 7
38 = 7 + 31
10000 = 59 + 9941

The conjecture has never been proven, but has shown been shown to hold for every even number greater than two up to at least 4 quintillion.

You will write a program that reads in a number from the user, verifies that it is even and greater than 2, and prints out two prime numbers that sum to the value the user entered.

Example run:

Enter an even value: 91
That number is not even.
Enter an even value: 0
That number is not greater than two.
Enter an even value: 90
The two primes that add to 90 are 7 and 83.

Your program should continue asking for a value until it is given an even number greater than 2.

Using packages from the Racket "Planet" repository is not allowed, but anything included with the Racket standard library is.





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