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Assignment 4 - Spell Checker



To gain experience with binary search trees.



A simple way of performing spell checking is to store the set of all valid words in some data structure. For each word we need to check, we'll search the data structure to see if the word is stored. If it is, we will say that the word is spelled correctly. If not, we will say that the word is spelled incorrectly.

For this assignment, you will be writing a program that does spell checking with a binary search tree.

Your program will take a command-line parameter which will be the name of a dictionary file. This file will contain every word that your program should consider to be correctly spelled. If the user doesn't specify the name of the dictionary file, or if the file doesn't exist, your program should print an error message.

Here is a sample dictionary file. This file contains almost 100,000 English words.

Your program should open the dictionary file and insert the words, one by one, into a binary search tree. Then your program should take input from the user and report whether or not each word they enter is spelled correctly or not. The word "END" will signify the end of input.

The program's efficiency will depend on how balanced the tree is, so you should print out the height of the tree after inserting all of the words from the dictionary. You do not need to balance the tree, you can just insert them in the order they are in the file. If you insert the file above using the insertion algorithm discussed in class, the height should be 37.

Here is a sample run of such a program:

$ java SpellCheck words.txt
Loaded the words into a tree with height = 37
this is a test
Missisippi is spelled wrong!
here are some moar words
moar is spelled wrong!



  1. Your program will consist of our binary search tree class, and a main method which uses the binary search tree.
  2. You can start with BinarySearchTree.java which includes the insert and search methods.
  3. In the main source file, create the binary search tree object to store String objects.
  4. The name of the dictionary file to use will be passed as a parameter to main. Open the dictionary file and read all of the words from it, inserting them into the binary search tree as you go.
  5. You will need to add a method to the binary search tree class that will compute the height of the tree. This method will be much easier to write with recursion.
  6. Call the height method to print the height of the tree.
  7. Read input from the user and, for each word they type, search for it in the tree to see if it's spelled correctly.
  8. When the user enters "END" the program should quit.
  9. To be considered spelled correctly, the words must match exactly including case — so don't worry about it not getting some capitalized words right.


General Requirements



When you are done, submit your code for this program on Canvas.

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