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Assignment 2 - Playlist Manager


Due: March 5



To be able to use and manipulate linked lists, and gain experience with menu-driven programs.



You are to write a program for managing a playlist of songs. A playlist is simply a list of songs — for this assignment it will be implemented as a doubly linked list. Each song contains two pieces of information: the title and the artist who performs it; each will be stored as strings.

Your program must support the following features:

A sample run of such a program can be seen here.



Just For Fun

If you want to export your playlists so you can listen to them, you can use the following website: https://www.tunemymusic.com/. Click "Let's Start", then choose "Upload file" for the source and upload one of the saved playlist files from this program. You can then choose a destination for exporting it including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.


General Requirements



When you are done, submit your code for this program on Canvas.

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