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Using the CPSC 305 Virtual Machine

The CPSC 305 virtual machine is a Linux-based virtual machine that includes all the software needed for this class: the GBA cross-compiler, image and sound converters, the GBA tile editor, and also Logisim.

To setup the VM:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox which is virtualisation software that can create and run virtual machines.
  2. Download the CPSC 305 VM image which is a rather large file and will take some time to download.
  3. Open VirtualBox and click the "Import" button. In the dialog that opens, click the browse for file button, then navigate to the CPSC305.ova file you downloaded. Click "next".
  4. You can leave the settings in the next window all as default values, then click "Finish". It will spend a little time importing the VM. When done "CPSC305" should pop up on the right.
  5. Launch the VM by selecting the CPSC305 on the left and clicking "Start", or by double-clicking the VM. This will open the VM in a new window.
  6. The VM contains a full Linux desktop with the GBA development environment, and Logisim, installed.

The username and password for the VM are both just "user". The user has sudo access, so you can install new software onto it, should you wish to.

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