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Gate Exercise



To gain experience building circuits which use logic gates to compute logical expressions.


Task: Seven Segment Display

For this lab, you will write a circuit which displays binary numbers in the range 0-3 on a "seven segment" display, which can display any subset of seven line segments to form numbers (i.e. an alarm clock display).

Your circuit will have one 2-bit input pin to represent a number 0-3. To get the two bits of it separated, use a "splitter" under the wiring menu. It will also feature a seven-segment display (found under the "Input/Output" menu).

In between, will be a number of gates connecting the two. The goal of the circuit is to have the seven-segment display wired so that it shows the decimal value of the binary number represented by the pins.




Extra Credit

Using a two-bit input to represent the numbers 0-3 requires understanding the concepts of the lab just as much as representing all 10 digits, but require much fewer gates.

For extra credit, make your circuit handle either:



When your circuit works, please submit the .circ file under the lab assignment on Canvas

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