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Lab 9: UML Associations



To get experience with UML associations.



For this lab, you will modify the UML class diagram I provided you with for assignment 2. The diagram is here:

If you are using Dia, you can download Item.dia to modify.

I gave you diagrams for the individual classes, but did not provide any associations between the classes.

For this lab, you should add associations to the diagram.



In particular, you should note the following associations:

So you should have 5 association lines in the diagram. Double-check that you have the arrows pointing the right way.

Adding this information to the diagram makes it more useful, as we can see how the various classes relate to one another.



When you are done, please upload your UML diagram to Canvas.

If you are using Dia, you can upload either a .dia file, or a .png image. If you are using something else, please upload a .png

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