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Final Group Project



To gain experience working on a collaborative software project.



For this project, you and your teammates will decide what sort of project you wish to work on. There are some requirements your project must fulfill:


Proposal (Due March 30)

You will write a proposal containing the following information:

Your proposal should be around one page long, going into sufficient detail that I get a good sense of what your program will look like.

I will give you feedback on your proposal. I will tell you if your proposal is too ambitious and give advice on scaling it back, or that your proposal is too simplistic and suggest ways of expanding it.


Design (Due April 6)

You will turn in a UML class diagram showing your proposed solution. It should include at least three classes, their instance variables and methods, and the relationships between the classes.

Remember that each class should only have one major responsibility in the system.

I will give feedback on your design.


Project Solution and Demo (Due April 20)

Finally, you will turn in the working code for your project. When submitting project, you will turn in the link to your public project on Github. You do not need to add me as a collaborator.

You will also give a short demonstration of your project on the final day of class. You should show the class how the project works, and do not need slides or anything. You will have around ten minutes.




General Coding Guidelines

When writing your program, also be sure to:

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