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Assignment 3: Searching


Due: October 28



To gain experience searching for files on the command line, as well as using diff tools and the kill command.

You should have completed week nine before attempting to complete this assignment.



World-renowned thief Robert Montrose has robbed a jewellery store in Paris. Interpol has apprehended him, and taken possession of his laptop, but have been unable to recover the jewels he stole.

Interpol investigators believe the information to recover the jewels is on Montrose's laptop, but are having a hard time finding it, so they have asked you to help. His laptop is not encrypted, but he hid the information of the jewel's whereabouts amongst hundreds of other files to make it difficult to find.

You will need to begin by downloading Montrose's files to your VM with wget. Then decompress it with the tar command.



You will need to find the following 5 pieces of information:

  1. The address of Montrose's hideout. The investigators found a scrap of paper with the number 1806 on it, and believe this is the street number. Look for a file containing the number 1806 to find the complete address.
  2. The apartment number. Montrose didn't include the apartment number in the address line. Look for a file containing the text "apt. no." to find that info. Montrose may have made any part of that uppercase.
  3. The city the hideout is located in. There is a file with the word "city" somewhere in the file name. In this file, Montrose has stored the city the hideout is in.
  4. The combination to the safe containing the stolen jewels. Montrose has hidden the combination inside of an executable program. First you need to find where the executable is hidden, then run it. You must then send the program the USR1 signal to get it to print the combination. Then, kill the program to stop running it.
  5. The name of his accomplice. Montrose hid this information by copying a large file of words, and then adding the name of his accomplice into the copy. To find it, look for two files which are larger than most of the rest, and then compare them to see the line which was added.

You will turn your findings back over to Interpol by supping a file called "info.txt" with five lines containing each of the five pieces of information you found. For the first line, include the street number and name. For the second, include just the apartment number (without apt. no. or anything).



When you have finished, submit your results with the following command:

submit username 3 info.txt

Where username is your UMW netid.

This will transfer your submission to the server where it will be graded. It will print your grade to the screen and record your grade. You can submit the assignment as many times as you like. Your best grade will be used.

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