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Installing Netbeans



In this class we will use the Netbeans Java development environment. This program is free and available for multiple operating systems. This page contains directions for installing Netbeans along with Java.



  1. Head to this page which has download links for Java and Netbeans.
  2. Click the "Accept License Agreement" radio button.
  3. Click the appropriate link for your operating system: Linux, OSX or Windows. Unless your computer is quite old, you should choose the "x64" option.
  4. Once the file has finished downloading, execute it. This should open an installer which will install Java and Netbeans on your computer.
  5. When it is finished installing, you should have a "Netbeans" entry in your applications list.

If you have any trouble with these directions, or Netbeans in general, please let me know!

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