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Recursion Exercise


To gain experience writing recursive functions.


Some data structures naturally lend themselves to recursion. One of these is liked lists. When we define the node of a linked list, we are already using a form of recursion:

struct Node {
  type data;
  Node* next;

Here a Node is defined as having data, and a pointer to another Node. Because Nodes are mentioned in the definition of a Node, this is recursive.

We can use the fact that Nodes are defined recursively to write recursive functions for dealing with linked lists. For this lab, you will write a function to print a singly-linked list using recursion instead of iteration. You will also write a function to print a singly-linked list backwards using recursion. This is more difficult without recursion, but extremely simple with it.



When you're done, email the code to ifinlay@umw.edu.

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