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Assignment 3 - Playlist

Due: March 3


To be able to use and manipulate linked lists, work with programs consisting of multiple files, and gain experience with menu-driven programs.


You are to write a program for managing a playlist of songs. A playlist is simply a list of songs - for this assignment it will be implemented as a doubly linked list. Each song contains two pieces of information: the title and the artist who performs it; each will be stored as strings.

Your program must support the following features:

A sample run of such a program can be seen here.


Just For Fun

If you want to export your playlists so you can listen to them, you can paste the output of the "play" command into this website: playlist-converter.net which can export them to services including Spotify and YouTube.

General Requirements


Submit your program by emailing your source files to ifinlay@umw.edu. Be sure to include all of the files needed to compile your program!

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