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Large Code Base Exercise


To gain experience working with existing code bases.


For this lab, you will download and modify an existing program, this Java Pong program which is 1,967 lines.

Download the program with:

> git clone https://github.com/inside/java-pong.git

You can compile and run the program just by typing "ant" in the "java-pong" directory:

> cd java-pong
> ant

(ant is similar to make, but especially for Java.)

You can push the space bar to play and the up and down arrows to control the right paddle.

Suppose you are assigned to work on this program and need to make the following changes:

Find the places in the code where you need to make these changes and apply them.


When you have finished, email the changes you made to ifinlay@umw.edu. For each change, include the file and line number along with a short description of the change.

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