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Arcade Game Group Project

Due: December 11


For this assignment, your team will create a 2D arcade-style video game.

Game Design

You have a lot of flexibility in the game you create. It can be an original idea, or a clone of an existing game.

Games that are similar in scope to what you could create:

It should be more complex than Pong, but less complex than Halo!


Your game must incorporate the following features:

The quality of the artwork in your game will not affect your grade!

Design Requirements

The quality of your code will be a part of your grade.



Each team member will write a report on the project, individually. This should be from one to two pages long. It should cover the following topics:


In addition to submitting your code and report the usual way, you will present your project to the class during the final exam time.

You should show the game in action, as well as talk about how the game works, the design of the code etc. In addition to showing your game in action, you can display your code or slides if you like.

These will be on December 11th. For the 1st section, it will be 12:00, for the second section it will be 3:30. If you like, you are encouraged to see the demos of both sections.

Your group has ten minutes for the demo.


When you set your project up on GitHub, you must send me the link to the project page. I will clone your project when it is due.

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