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Lab 16: CRC Cards



To get experience writing CRC cards.



For this lab, you will create CRC cards for three of the classes in your dungeon crawler project. You should choose three of the more "interesting" classes in the code, for example the one which represents the room in the dungeon, or the one which represents the player's character.


Making the Cards

You have two options for making the CRC cards:

  1. The analog way: Just write them out on actual 3 by 5 note cards, and turn them into me physically when you're done.
  2. The digital way: There are several tools to make CRC cards digitally. An easy to use one is https://echeung.me/crcmaker/. If you go this route, then you can email me the "share link" the site gives you.



When your cards are done, either hand them to me, or email me the share link at finlayson@umw.edu.

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