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Lab 11: Sequence Diagrams



To become familiar with creating UML sequence diagrams in Dia.


For this lab, you will create a UML sequence diagram for an email program.

You should create a sequence diagram for sending an email. This will consist of the following sequence of method calls:

  1. Have a Main class call a create method of a Message class.
  2. This method will then call a getText method of an Editor class which will return a String.
  3. The create method returns a Message object back to Main.
  4. From Main, call the send method of the Message class.
  5. The send function returns a Confirmation object.
  6. Call the display method on the Confirmation object.


Dia Details



When you are done, please email your UML diagram to ifinlay@umw.edu.

If you are using Dia, you can email me either a .dia file, or a .png image. If you are using something else, please send me a .png

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