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Dungeon Crawler Game, Part 3

Due: December 10, 8:30 AM



To work on the design and implementation of large, collaborative software project.



For this stage of the assignment, you will be adding some new features to your dungeon crawler. Your group will present the program during the final exam period. Each team member will also turn in a report on the project individually.



In addition to the requirements for part 2, your game should add the following elements:



During the class's final exam period, each group will present and demonstrate their project for the class. In doing so you should include the following:

The presentation should take around 15 minutes or so.



Each team member will turn in an individual paper. The paper should include the following:

The paper should be about two single-spaced pages (not including the diagram). The paper doesn't need to refer to any sources.



To submit your program, email the GitHub link of your repository to ifinlay@umw.edu. In the email, include a link to the site that is serving your Javadoc documentation.

Also submit your paper to me as a .pdf file

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