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Dungeon Crawler Game, Part 2

Design Due: November 12

Program Due: November 26



To work on the design and implementation of large, collaborative software project.



For this stage of the assignment, you will be adding some new features to your dungeon crawler game. The teams will remain the same, but now you will be using Git to share your work. Some of the new things will be game features, and some will be taking advantage of some of the more advanced features of Java we have learned.



In addition to the requirements for part 1, your game should add the following elements:



For this project, you will again turn in a class diagram first, and then the full project later. The design should include all of the classes, with their methods, and the relationships between them, as discussed in class and the textbook.

You should update the design you turned in for project 2 in light of two things:

  1. The code you actually wrote for project 2 (in cases when you had to modify things as you worked on it).
  2. The new things for this version of the project.


General Requirements

When writing your program, also be sure to:



To submit your program, email the GitHub link of your repository to ifinlay@umw.edu.

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